5 Tips for Safely Packing Your Car Before Your Summer Road Trip

An open car trunk full of supplies for a trip

You’re stacking your suitcases in the doorway and packing up snacks for your summer road trip. Now it’s time to throw everything in the back of your car and get headed to your destination, right? Wrong! Packing your car is just as important as paying attention when you’re driving. If you don’t safely and properly pack your vehicle, you could be in serious danger if you need to quickly change lanes, suddenly stop or get into an accident. How can you pack your car in the safest fashion possible?

5 Ways to Pack Like a Pro for Your Summer Road Trip

  1. Load the heaviest items, like coolers and suitcases, on the bottom and toward the center of your vehicle. Any light items, like beach bags, empty coolers or personal items should be placed on top and on the sides of the heavier items. 
  2. Always make sure that you evenly distribute weight in the vehicle. Especially in an SUV or vehicle with a higher center of gravity, too much weight in one part of the car can dramatically increase the likelihood of the car tipping over.
  3. Never pack things too high up in your car. You should never have anything in the way of your view between your rearview mirror and the back window (except for heads!). Items that are packed too high up in your car could suddenly move forward and become projectiles in the event of a crash. 
  4. Are you placing things on top of your car for your summer road trip? Always pay attention to your cargo height so you don’t accidentally drive into an area you don’t have the clearance to enter. If you are using a cargo platform attached to the back of your car, make sure you always remember that it is there when backing up. Make sure you never go over your manufacturer recommendations for the weight on your roof or cargo platform. 
  5. Pack only what you need. While it’s fun to bring along everything that you might want, your car takes longer to stop when it is heavier. Leave plenty of space for souvenirs too!

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