What to Do When Your Car’s Engine Overheats

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When the weather outside is hot, and you’re driving for extended periods of time, the risk of an issue is higher than normal. If you find yourself in Baltimore this summer with car trouble, remember that we are always here to help. Contact us by calling (410) 358-1114, or search for auto body shop near me and navigate to Maven Motors.

Things To Do If Your Engine Is Overheating

  1. Pull over as quickly as possible and turn off the engine. You should never drive with an overheated engine for more than a quarter of a mile. Never open the hood until your car is completely cool or the temperature gauge inside moves from hot to cool. Your safety is not worth trying to “fix” something while your engine overheats!
  2. Start by checking the coolant levels in your radiator once your car has cooled down. If you aren’t sure where the tank is, you can check in your owner’s manual. Check to ensure that the cap is cool. Slowly twist it off using a towel or thick cloth as a buffer. Be very careful, as steam might emerge. If your coolant levels are low, top off the levels in the radiator. Place the cap back on the radiator. 
  3. Check the area around the radiator to make sure that the hoses do not have any cracking. If the heater hoses are damaged, you should have them repaired. 
  4. Once you have checked everything under the hood you can cautiously restart the engine. Once you are back on the road, keep a close eye on the temperature gauge. If it goes past the optimal area, pull over and let your car cool off again. 

The Potential Causes of Overheating

What is the cause of the problem when your engine overheats? While you should always bring your car into a repair shop like Maven Motors, some of the most common causes include:

  • Coolant that isn’t circulating properly through your engine 
  • Low levels of antifreeze
  • A coolant system that has a leak, so antifreeze cannot stay at proper levels
  • A problem with your engine that needs to be taken care of by a mechanic

Stay Safe When Your Engine Overheats with Maven Motors 

Maven Motors is dedicated to helping every customer enjoy a safe and smooth running car. From collision repair to car maintenance we are here for you. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity and always doing what is right for our customers. 

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