What’s That Noise? The 4 Car Noises You Should Never Ignore

car noises

As a vehicle ages, it’s normal to start hearing more bumps and thumps than usual. However, some car noises are signs of potentially serious issues that should never be ignored. Learn how to decode the jingles and crunches with these tips from Maven Motors.

4 Car Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

  1. Brakes that are grinding, growling or squealing should be addressed immediately. This is a sign that your brake shoes or brake pads are near the end of their lifespan and due for a replacement. If your brake pads completely wear out, metal will be directly touching metal, which decreases brake efficiency and can lead to damage to the entire brake system that requires costly repairs.
  2. Have you ever accidentally left a coin in a pocket and left it rolling around in your clothes dryer? If you’re hearing a noise similar to that when you are driving at low speeds that ceases when you accelerate, you might have a loose lug nut on your hub cap. This could mean that your wheels weren’t properly tightened last time your car was serviced or that there’s another issue. Get the nut tightened before your wheel becomes even looser.
  3. A whining or howling sound typically occurs when the small metal balls, or bearings, that help parts rotate with ease are not functioning correctly. If your car has front-wheel drive, the sound will typically occur when you turn left and right. If you have rear-wheel drive and the whining sound increases as you accelerate, it’s a sign that your differential might be the problem.
  4. When your car accelerates or starts, do you hear a squeal coming from underneath the hood? This can occur when your accessory belts become worn down over time, or a problem with your serpentine belt. Thankfully, these car noises are easy to fix with a trip to Maven Motors. We can quickly take a peek under the hood and identify if your power steering, alternator or air conditioner compressor belts need to be repaired or replaced.

Keep Your Car in Excellent Condition with Maven Motors

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