4 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Air Conditioning Repairs Before You Hit the Road

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Your car’s air conditioning is what keeps you cool on the road when you can’t roll the windows down and let the wind blow through. However, thanks to how often you need to use it, your car’s AC system could become worn and in need of repair faster than you might expect. If your air conditioning unit isn’t keeping you cool anymore, look for these signs that you should get air conditioning repairs before you hit the open road.  

4 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repairs

  1. Weak airflow is a common complaint amongst car owners who aren’t getting cool enough during their ride. If the airflow isn’t strong or it is not changing when you turn the dial in the car, there might be something blocking the passage of air. Mold in the evaporator coil, a damaged ventilation fan or a loose blower hose can all be quickly repaired.
  2. If the air coming out of the vents doesn’t feel cool, you should first check to ensure that the dial is turned the correct way and that the AC is turned on. It sounds obvious, but many people panic and don’t realize they failed to turn it on in the first place! If it still does not cool down, you might have a clogged expansion tube, faulty compressor, damaged evaporator, failed fuse or a lack of refrigerant. Depending on what the cause is, a lack of cooling could be a small or large repair.
  3. The refrigerant in your air conditioning system is what makes the air coming out of the vents cold. As a result, if it is leaking and pooling elsewhere in your car or on the ground, it can’t keep you comfortable on the road! This is one of the most common air conditioning repairs, and it arises when the hoses and seals naturally degrade over time. Once the repair has been made, your air conditioning system will be as good as new.
  4. Does your air conditioner first blow out cold air and then follow it with hot air? This could be the result of a clogged valve preventing refrigerant from flowing steadily into the evaporator when the car is moving. It also might be the result of a refrigerant leak or blown fuse.

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