What Makes a Car Safe?

woman placing seat belt on a child

When you’re searching for the perfect vehicle, what are your top priorities? Other than efficiency, add-on features and comfort, safety is at the top of the list. However, what makes a car safe? There are several features you should always keep an eye out for when shopping for yourself and your family. 

Seat Belts

When a crash occurs, seat belts are designed to keep you from being ejected from the vehicle. Seat belts also lower your chances of colliding with the steering wheel, windshield or dashboard. Modern seat belts are part of what makes a car safe, and some of the features include:

  • Seat Belt Pretensioner: Pretensioners automatically retract the seat belt when a crash occurs.
  • Adjustable Upper Belts: These seat belts can be adjusted to meet the needs of bigger adults without shoulder discomfort.
  • Rear Center Seat Belts: In the past, the rear center seat typically had no seat belt. Today’s manufacturers are adding lap or full seat belts for the rear center seat.

Air Bags

Today’s safest vehicles are designed with front and side air bags. Front air bags prevent occupants from colliding with the dashboard, windshield and steering wheel. Side air bags prevent occupants from crashing into the door or window upon impact. It’s important to know that air bags are designed to be used in conjunction with seat belts, and when seat belts are not used, air bags can be dangerous for those in the car.

Antilock Brake System (ABS)

Antilock brakes prevent a car’s wheels from locking when the car is skidding or “panic” braking, which gives the driver the opportunity to maintain as much steering control as possible. Passenger vehicles with ABS always have 4-wheel ABS. SUVs, vans and trucks can all have either 4-wheel or 2-wheel ABS. Depending on which car you purchase, it may also include brake assist. This recent technology senses emergency braking and increases the power of the brake as needed.

Electronic Stability Control

If you ask today’s car dealerships what makes a car safe, electronic stability control is near the top of the list. This interesting technology helps drivers to maintain control of the vehicle when completing extreme steering maneuvers. Electronic stability control can automatically sense when oversteering or understeering is occurring, and the car will automatically apply the brake to a single wheel to maintain control.

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