Kosher Restaurants In Baltimore

The city of Baltimore Maryland has wonderful resources for the Jewish community.

The Baltimore Jewish community has grown exponentially in recent years and together with the growth in population has come a growth in infrastructure.

One thing every community requires is a network of restaurants that suit the particular needs of the people. A Jewish community needs kosher restaurants. Baltimore is blessed with many great ones. In this article, Maven Motors lists several of the top restaurants that are suitable for the kosher consumer in Baltimore.

Kosher Bite (KB Grill & Wok)

One of the great kosher fast food restaurants in Northwest Baltimore is Kosher Bite, or KB Grill & Wok.

According to their website: KB Grill & Wok is a Kosher family restaurant located on Reisterstown Road in Baltimore, Maryland that was formerly known as Kosher Bite. KB Grill is in the northwest corner of Baltimore City but is also local to Mount Washington and Pikesville. KB Grill has a varied menu, with choices of American, Israeli, or Szechuan cuisine, including choices of Sushi. Bring the whole family; everyone can easily find something they like! KB Grill has been operating out of the same location on Reisterstown Road for over 25 years, with periodic renovations.

KB’s phone number is (410) 358-6349. They are located at 6309 Reisterstown Road Baltimore, MD 21215.

Royal Kosher Restaurant

Another quality kosher restaurant located in Baltimore is the Royal Restaurant, or the Royal Kosher Restaurant. The Royal Kosher Restaurant is located at 7002 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD 21215. The phone number is (410) 484-3544.

From the Royal Kosher Restaurant’s website: With savory offerings that always deliver on flavor, Royal Kosher Restaurant is equally passionate about delivering an all-encompassing culinary experience. The Royal Kosher Restaurant is one of the most desired restaurants for locals and out-of towners. With unsurpassed Kosher cuisine and  5 star customer service, it’s no wonder the Royal is the corner stone of Baltimore’s Jewish community. While defined by delicious food, excellent service and a welcoming ambiance, it’s the personal attention to their clients that make the Royal Restaurant legendary.

Tov Pizza

If you are in the mood of kosher dairy food then you might want to consider Tov Pizza, Baltimore’s famous pizza shop. Tov Pizza is an unassuming kosher joint offering pizza & many sides, plus Italian & Mediterranean comfort classics. It is actually located right next door to Kosher Bite at 6313 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD 21215. It’s phone number is (410) 358-5238.

From Tov Pizza’s website: Located in the heart of the Jewish Community, Tov Pizza, voted Baltimore’s Best Kosher Pizza, is an icon of charm and soul. Tov Pizza opened in 1984 filling the need of a growing Jewish community. Since then, the store has doubled in size and expanded its menu.

Tov Pizza is well known even outside of Baltimore as a place to get great kosher pizza.

There are many more kosher restaurants in Baltimore serving a wide variety of interests. In this article we chose to highlight some of the more famous and older ones.

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