How Can I Get My Car Ready to Sell?

Regardless of the reason why you’re getting your car ready to sell, there are several tasks you should complete to get your car in great condition. Attention to detail matters, and the McDonald’s wrapper in your passenger seat and old oil will not escape the notice of the professional evaluating your car.

Clean Your Car Thoroughly

First, you should thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your car. Give the exterior a wash and coat of wax. Remove any personal items from inside of the car and vacuum the entire interior. If you don’t want to tackle the task on your own, you can pay to have someone detail your vehicle thoroughly. While professional car buyers know how to spot damage underneath a layer of dirt, making a positive impression is always a good thing.

Gather Your Documents

Your documents should include the title to your vehicle, any service records you have, registration and any other relevant documents that a buyer might want to see. If you did a great job of taking care of your car and have the maintenance records to show it, it should have retained more of its value. You don’t need to worry about pulling the vehicle history on your own, because the dealer or car buyer will pull it themselves.

Take Care of the Little Things

Does your car need an oil change? Get it done now to make it ready to sell. Your tires should be inflated the proper amount, and no lights on the dashboard should be illuminated. Even small things can decrease the value of your vehicle, so make sure that you complete all regular maintenance beforehand.

Measure Your Pricing Expectations

Finally, you should also get an idea of what you can expect to get for your car. Kelly Blue Book is a great resource for learning what your car might be worth. Factor in any add-ons that you have like leather seats or an upgraded sound system. However, you should also keep in mind that many sellers overestimate their car value.

Get Your Car Ready to Sell with Maven Motors

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