5 Used Car Buying Tips

used car buying tips

Shopping for a used car can feel like going on a treasure hunt if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. While phenomenal deals are out there, you’ll have to do some work to find out which of them are the real deal and which are simply too good to be true. At Maven Motors, we go above and beyond to make sure that every used car buyer has the best experience possible, and we always recommend utilizing these used car buying tips.

The 5 Best Used Car Buying Tips

  1. Set your budget in advance. Are you going to be paying in cash? Making your budget should be fairly cut and dry. Be careful not to use up all of your savings and set aside some funds for registration, insurance and other fees. The majority of buyers take out car loans to get more for their money. If you can get preapproved for a car loan, you’ll enjoy a more seamless purchasing process and gives you an advantage over other buyers.
  2. Think about reliability when choosing a car. Some vehicles have lower purchase prices but have extraordinarily high costs of ownership due to maintenance, repairs, insurance and depreciation. Research models you are considering to see what you can expect to pay over the next few years.
  3. Use a reliable used car dealership, like Maven Motors. While we take honesty and integrity seriously, other used car dealerships don’t always share the same values. Always choose to purchase from a business that cares about your experience and safety, not a dealership that only cares about its bottom line.
  4. When thinking about the final price of your car, focus on the total cost and not the monthly payment. It’s easy to get tricked into overpaying for the used car when you are merely focused on what you’ll be shelling out every month. If your loan is longer than average or the interest rate is high, you might be shocked to find out how much your car will cost in the end.
  5. The most important of our used car buying tips is to know what is negotiable and what isn’t negotiable. The price is almost always up for negotiation, but things like registration fees and taxes are never on the table. Remember that the used car salesman is acting as an agent for those transactions and merely passing your money to the government, not skimming a portion off of the top.

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